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Perfect product

I have used my bags for a year and just bought a bunch more as gifts. I feel much better walking around NOT holding a bag of poop!

Yucky Puppy Bags

These holders are great for carrying treats, your phone and poo bags! Love them so much!!

Dog Poop Bag Holders

So happy I purchased these! They are so handy, not only for poo bags, but for holding my phone, treats etc. I can now go for runs and walks with my pups with only having to hold the leash with Yucky Puppy Poo Bag Holder on!

Absolutely perfect!

I am in love with the camouflage poop bag holder! I love that you can just snap them onto anything you like. Now I don't have to walk with a bag of poop, searching for a garbage can anymore! No one will know, so no awkward moments when you walk into a familiar face! Absolutely perfect!

Best little bag in the west!

These bags are amazing! Did I say amazing? I mean really, really AMAZING! Never felt more confident walking my dog now. My dog feels better because no body looks at us as a poopy walker. They don't know!

Love it!!

I love that these can snap onto anything and are easy to take on and off. Great quality material and I absolutely love that I dont have to carry around poop bags for the duration of our walks. Totally love these!!! Great idea and Im so happy to have these now!

A fun, stylish and functional!

I have several sets of yucky puppy bags and find them essential to dog walks. They really do block the smell and make walking with the dog’s poop a lot more bareable.

Great Invention!

I am so pleased to find the PawZaar bag carriers. My 3 yo Golden Retriever and I like to hike trails where garbage bins don’t exist. The decorative bags hold up to 3 bags of poop, don’t smell, and easily attaches to a leash. No more hiding plastic bags as we hike!

I love this product.

I walk my golden retriever puppy twice a day, so I have to use a poop bag constantly. One day I was thinking how nice it would be if the bag didn't slap my leg. And then what do you know, I saw this advertised somewhere. I bought the pink camo. Not only does it match Lily's gear, but it's also the perfect size for our walks.


We took this gorgeous poo bag to a picnic ! It was so nice to be able to conceal the look AND SMELL of the poo bag , I had so many people asking where I got my yucky puppy bag. The print is so beautiful and the quality is outstanding ! Thank you yucky puppy

Best idea ever

I always hated carrying used poo bags. This helps to free up my hands so I can enjoy walking with my fur baby. Plus the designs are super cute.

just amazing!!

we were so unbelievably impressed with the quality of the watermelon zip bags, perfect to take anywhere and use for anything! would definitely recommend :)

Amazing product!

Brutus is a Basset hound who slobbers A LOT so we actually love using these waterproof poop bag holders to hold his drool covered toys and balls!

Of course we use it for poop bags as well. It’s easy to clean out too!

Definitely recommend this product.

I can't believe how much I love this thing

My family is tired of me talking about how much I love this thing! I used it for the first time yesterday on my puppy's diarrhea poop and boy am I glad I had somewhere to put it! The 2 zipper model is amazing! I can put empty bags and treats in the smaller zipper and smelly poop inside! And I could keep walking and didn't have to hold something else. Of course it still did smell, but not nearly as much as it would have if it wasn't in the Yucky Puppy! Everyone should get one of these things! LOVE it!

Wonderful customer service!

Love the bone shaped locket. Purchased as a gift. Great customer service as always. Thank you!

Black Cat Bracelet
Nadira Nasur

Amazing product

Love these bags so much!!!

This is our second set of Yucky Puppy bags. We found our first set so useful that we wanted more! We take our dogs on a walk nearly every evening, weather permitting. It’s usually the time of day that everyone is outside; kids riding bikes, neighbors watering their yards, babies in strollers. We are friendly with everyone in our neighborhood and we often stop to chitchat. Nobody wants to see nasty poop bags, so these Yucky Puppy bag are the perfect way to hide the nastyness from our neighbors.

Perfect gifts

Bought these bags for my pups, and my daughters pups. Great for hikes and long walks. We love them!

Great product

I mean, if you have a dog, you know how annoying swinging a bag filled with poop can be! This easily holds the poop bag while you finish your walk. I attach it to my bag and NO more swinging or smelling that awful scent!

Fabulous and fashionable

I love the idea of not having to carry full poop bags on our walks. This bag allows an easy and stylish way to carry those used poop bags.
Very well made and the clip to attach it to the leash is very sturdy.

Repeat purchaser

I love yucky puppy and buy the bags in bulk to give as gifts to new dog owners. We love ours.

I just got my bag in the mail today! It’s the best money I ever spent on

Convenient for long (and short) walks!

These bags are great -- they wipe clean easily (and can be washed in the machine on delicate setting). It's great to not have to hold the plastic bag of dog waste while on walks (and even better to have a hand free to wave at neighbors).