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Great product

Great product, so you don't have to carry bags of poo when walking the dogs

Great customer service!!

I’ve ordered from Yucky Puppy multiple times. The one time I had an issue, it was handled quickly and courteously. I would definitely recommend this company and the bags they sell! Makes carrying your dog’s poop bags much better!

Exactly what I have been looking for

This product works exactly as it says. I walked my sister's dogs with her and she has them. I had to order some right away. I have ordered more to share with my adult kids, who all have dogs. At first I didn't realize there were so many patterns - it wasn't really easy to spot on the website. My second time on the website went a little better. The product shipped quickly. Overall, a great product, store, and mission.

Hikers dream

A friend gifted me a Yucky puppy and we recently took a hike with 8 dogs with no trash cans. We were able to get 8 bags of yucky into the bag. When we got home I purchased 2 more. 1 for me and 1 as a gift for a friend


These are cute and I like the way they attach to the leash but they’re a little small. It’s a bit difficult to get the picked up poop bag into this one.

Happy Camper

A neighbor told me about Yucky Puppy poop bag holder bags. I ordered two. They are sturdy, launder well, and make my walks with Rudy the collie a lot simpler! Many thanks for a great product.

Stinky bag

I absolutely love my poop bag bag!


I love these poop bag holders. They feel more secure than the ones that snap. They hold 2 Bernese Mountain Dog's poop. Paris is awesome as always.

awesome product

love the Yucky Puppy holders!! have been using them for years. even give them as gifts. it was exactly what i was looking for!! thanks

I love these bags but…

These bags are great, and I love having one on my leash, but they need to do a better job of stitching where the bag attaches to the loop. I’ve torn 2 of these already, one this morning. I went to put my bag in it and it was gone. 2 of the ones I’ve given as gifts have also torn off at the same spot.

I love these bags! they work great and are super cute. this is my second time buying them.

Love not carrying a bag!

I have very energetic deaf pitty and golden doodle. Using this leash I completely felt confident we could enjoy our stroll! Looking forward to more!! Thank you!!

I love them but wish they where a little bigger

Great Bags - They Do What They Say

I've been using these Dog poop bag holders for a few years. It does a great job holding what you've picked up and there is no smell. The company has good customer service as well.

Folding Dog Mat

I had been looking for a mat for my puppy in training to settle while we go various places. She is leaving for college next month, but it positively was great to have this mat for settling. We’ve used it mainly in the house, and we will bring it with us when we need her to settle (we have a whole lot planned for our last days with her).

It is well-made and just folds up when you’re not using it. It also has pockets to put a bowl or other items but I have not used that option yet.

I love Yucky Puppy and am so glad I found them.

Just what I need!

Another dog walker recommended the crossbody bag. I’m very happy with it. It holds everything I need. It’s reasonably priced and of good quality, plus I love supporting businesses that give back!

Great service, good products and a good cause.

With the great service, and the mat the that has pockets how can you lose. And it is great that Yucky helps others .

Puppy Poop Bag Holders

Love the quality of these! One is definitely for the car. So glad I got these.

Outstanding Company

Yucky Puppy offers great products but even more important is the outstanding customer service from Paris! And knowing that purchases help shelter animals is just another reason to purchase from this outstanding company.

Yucky Puppy bags... love them!

Such an amazing product. I don't know why everyone doesn't carry one! I walk 2 dogs daily and won't walk without one now. Hides the nasty poop bags until we get home to throw them away. Love love love

Camo Dog Poop Bag Holders - FOUR COLORS (Set of 2)

Much Needed Product

I am a puppy raiser for a guide dog organization. Our puppy in training started having an extra Big Busy on our walks and I really got tired of switching the bag from hand to hand to give treats. After days of carrying a filled poop bag, I came home thinking someone has to have a product on the market. I was determined that I would create something to carry that filled poop bag. I came across Yucky Puppy and ordered immediately. It attaches to be treat pouch and is pretty! Funny but the pup stopped having that Big Busy for the next couple of weeks! She did finally have a Big Busy and it was great being able to stick it in the pretty bag and continue our walk. I have given them as gifts to other puppy raisers and puppy sitters who have watched our pup. So glad I found Yucky Puppy!

Best Idea Ever!

I love my yucky puppy poop bags so much I got one for each of my doggie friends for Christmas. Excellent customer service. Top notch company. Highly recommend.

Great job!

Yucky Puppy will not disappoint! They sell a quality product at a very fair price. A benefit is that they help dogs in shelters.