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Love it!

I am a professional dog Walker and use this everyday! It’s so cute and no more smell!! No more wet feeling either

Amazing product that I never thought I needed!

I LOVE these bags. Not only do I not have to smell the odor but I don’t have to hold the bags anymore. What a smart concept!

very handy little attachment to leash

when walking two dogs this has worked out great to put the pooh bags in. great idea. quick delivery also. thanks

Right product for job

Quick service. Right product for job. Yucky puppy pouches allow me to keep mess outside of car on way home from walk too.

Great products at yucky puppy!!

We love our yucky puppy products!! They look great and are of the highest quality!

Convenient and Sanitary

I really love the idea of these bags. So thankful I have them now. It also helps that my dog can now carry her own poop without sinking teeth into a plastic bag!

Love These Pouches!

Great alternative to tying used bags on the leash! The patterns are cute and the pouches are easy to clean - I wipe them down with a disinfectant wipe after each use and they stay fresh! Love them so much I bought some for friends!

Dog Walking Crossbody Kit

I love the Dog Walking Crossbody Kit, I take it every time I take my dog for a walk. It fits my phone, my dogs water, and my extras... keys etc. and so nice to have everything in one place and comfortable to carry on my shoulder. The doggy bags are also nice texture which makes picking up easier. Very happy with my Yucky Puppy purchase.

My second Yucky Puppy bag order

I love my Yucky Puppy bag

Love 'em

Yucky puppy bags are lifesavers!

Love it!

I had doubts when I got the super light pouch. But it really does contain the smell. I like the snap strap too. Easy to shift from jeans to carry bag. And did I mention that it’s really light? Don’t need another once of weight after leash, empty poo bags, phone, treats…you know what I mean. A nice addition to my pup paraphernalia.


I am obsessed. I hate carrying stinky dog poop and these bags are the perfect fix!

Good carrier

I used these for hiking. With just a single yucky puppy, I could still smell the poo a little but when I doubled up and used 2 yucky puppies, there was no smell. I wish there were 2 snaps or 2 straps for extra secure holding on my backpack.

Overall great idea and much better than trying to tie the poop bag directly to my pack which smelled terrible.

There was a good variety of designs in my mystery pack (a couple cute colorful ones and a couple more neutral/manly)

Love it!

Back when I was living in the city I never thought I would need a bag for my poopy bags however now that I live a suburban area with basically no outside trash cans; these guys are the best! I don’t have to smell the poop for the rest of the walk and it’s hidden from the outside world


This poop bag holder is super convenient! It makes going on a walk easy and much more enjoyable. We use this bag to hold our poop bags, treats, tennis balls, and more! I would highly recommend giving this product a try!

Love it!

I love this shirt!!! It’s so cute! The fabric feels great, the printing looks like it’s going to last, and the size chart was accurate. Will be buying from this shop again!

Awesome Product

I love my Yucky Puppy poopy bags, they are a necessity whenever I go out with the pups!


This is my second time ordering! Love the new addition of the second pocket! These bags are a must for me when walking my dogs, I don’t have to carry poop bags and it keeps them hidden away so they are not swinging and bouncing as I walk. Love Yucky Puppy!

Love these bags

We originally got these for my daughter's dog. I ended up using the second one for my dog until I ripped that (he was at my office and I left his leash on so the yucky puppy got caught on a cubical wall and was torn off). When we ordered more we knew we wanted at least 1 extra to have as we was others so we got a 4 pack. We love that we don't have to carry poop on walks & it helps keep the smell in the bag as well. I well always have these now. GREAT product!!

Wonderful Product

Really like Yucky Puppy bags. They work well even in 70 degree heat in the car. No smell comes through which is nice. No one knows what is in the bag except you. The designs are nice as well. Highly recommend.


This item is amazing! An essential for long walks

Dog Walking in Style!

We love our black Yucky Puppy dog poop bag holders. I have one attached to the leash at all times - it's great to carry extra poop bags, a set of keys and of course... keep the filled poop bags until you find a trash can!

Amazing bags!

Received in a timely manner and packaged well! As a rescue, I love that each purchase helps a shelter animal. But we have small animals and these bags are super light so they don't weigh down the leash. They are not tiny and will hold a bunch of stinky bags or you can use them for clean bags and treats. They easily attach to a leash or bags. I even put the clean bags in one and hooked it to my pant loop. Highly recommend this well made product!

YUCKY PUPPY Biodegradable Poop Bags