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No more carrying poop bags for me!!

These are great!! They attach right to the leash. It has an extra pocket for hand sanitizer, roll of poop bags. It really makes walking your dog a more pleasant experience. Highly recommend these!!

Tired of Carrying Poop Bags

We are puppy raisers for a guide dog organization. I walk our program dog each day and she always waits until we are away from home to poop. Since she is an excitable older puppy, I really need two hands and I got so tired of switching the poop bag to the other hand to give her a treat. I decided one morning that I was going to see if anything existed so I have two hands always -- if not, I was determined to ry to create something myself. Guess what! I came upon the Yucky Puppy and placed my order. I attached my poop bag carrier to my treat pouch, and guess who hasn't gone poop while out on walks since I've done it? That's ok, I know it is well made and one day we will use it. I ordered multiple, so I'm giving these as gifts for other puppy raisers. Thank you so much!

Love these little bags!

Great for carrying other things too. I carry my phone and treats as well as doggy doo. I love that the bags attach to my dog’s leash. My daughter introduced me to the bags and now I can’t live without them.

Love the new bags!!

I have a few sets of these Yucky Puppy bags now and I LOVE THEM! They are great quality and stylish and they wash well. Definitely will be Christmas gifts for my dog owning friends!!

Really cute bag

Very well made and super cute bag!

Handy Well Made Bags

I'm very happy with the Bags. The bags are good quality and having two zippered areas is very convenient.

Great bags!

These are awesome! This is my second order. Keeps your hands free on the walk and keeps the poop bags hidden.

Stylish but clasp is tricky

It's a sleek little bracelet with good workmanship, but it took a while to figure out how to open the clasp ( you pull up on one of the clasp handles ).

Terrific little poop holder!

These bags attach easily to a leash and are the perfect way to hold bags of poop while on a walk. Great idea!

Poop bag holders

Good quality and cute pattern. Easy to snap onto the stroller!

Love Yucky Puppy bags

Love the poop bag holders, I don't have to carry the plastic bags around, can just zip in a yucky puppy bag and snap onto my dogs leash. Fast shipping, quality product.

Essential for any dog walk

We have yucky puppy bags in our cars, and for each leash. Fun and functional.

I love Yucky Puppy bags

Yucky Puppy bags are the best, I especially like the two pocket bags, will definitely be ordering more! My order arrived almost unbelieveably quickly, thank you for such great service! These make great gifts for fellow dog lovers or volunteer dog walkers at the shelters

The greatest thing you didn’t know you needed!

I can’t stand holding the bag! I don’t want it to bounce around while I’m walking! This is a discrete and less disgusting way to do the job. I buy this for every dog owner. Well made!

GREAT dog walking crossbody bag from a small company with big heart

I am a longtime big dog parent, 3 dogs spanning 30 years of walking my best friends, and my latest dog walking bag was falling apart. I didn’t even know where to look as I have always just converted regular purses into dog walking bags, I found YUCKY PUPPY online and saw a crossbody bag that is so perfect for my needs in walking my dog, It has a wide comfortable strap, a place to zip up my phone with easy access and a clear pouch so I can see who is calling, a zipper inside ( I put my keys in here) and place to keep poop bags and a little side netted compartment (I keep mace in here for easy access for night walks). It also has a side pouch for easy access for dog treats. It’s light and easy to carry and I also like the way it looks. When I received it in the mail, there was a handwritten thank you note from the owner and a card that shows that a portion of the proceeds supports shelter dogs care, (with a photo of the actual dog they are supporting) . I am now a fan of this company and looking forward to the next time that I need something they offer.

Crossbody walking bag

I love this bag! I had ordered the poop bags from Yucky Puppy in the past and loved them so I thought I’d try the bag! The bag has plenty of room for my phone and there is a clear pocket so you can who is calling.
It has a magnetic pocket on the outside for easy access to poop bags and a main zippered section with a smaller zippered pocket inside. Perfect for a credit card or extra cash for garage sales when you’re out walking the dog!!!!
I’ve also used this bag on my shopping runs and it works great! It also has a pocket for your water bottle.
I would highly recommend this bag!

Great product

I love the idea of a having a “bag” to put the used bag in! I didn’t like carrying around the smelly, filled bag so this gives me a solution. I ordered some for my mom’s dog too and recommend them to everyone.

Starfish yucky puppy poop bags

I absolutely love these bags! Snap the bag in the leash handle and always know I have a place to put any used poop bags.

Makes Long Walks Pleasant

Such a simple concept but it has made our long hikes so much nicer. My dog has a real talent for “going” just as soon as we’ve passed the last municipal trash can and are out on the trail. Now I can collect it and forget about it until we return to civilization. The zipper has lasted 2+ years and still going and the bag washes up nicely.

Yucky Puppy for the win

The Yucky Puppy bags are fantastic to have on walks. Much better way to cancel the poop bags and not have to worry about holding them.

Mystery YUCKY PUPPY Bundle -- Set of Four
Roxanne Haller
Satisfied repeat customer!

I have ordered multiple times from Yucky Puppy! I absolutely love that I don't have to carry the poop bag in my hand for an hour long walk when the dog goes 1 block in! LOL. Order fulfillment has gone above and beyond to make sure I am a very satisfied buyer. I've shared my Yucky Puppy bags with others who like them as well. Highly recommend!

Best bag ever!

This bag is so easy to clip on to your leach or bag. We walk to the beach every morning and try to pick up any trash that we may see. Some trash is discussing and I don’t want it in my bag. This bag is waterproof and is washable. Making this the perfect bag to hold poop bags and anything else we may find on our adventure.

So Handy!

We got a 2 pack of the starfish poop bag holders and they have been so handy. They attached so easily to our leashes. It's nice having my other hand free and it also blocks out a lot of the stinky poop smell. I would highly recommend them!

Carrying poop with glam !

I absolutely love these bags! They’re super well
made, cute, and I don’t have to walk around the neighborhood with a bag that’s obviously a poop bag. We enjoy going on really long walks, and trash cans are not always available, so having these bags has def helped us. I’m looking forward to getting a Fanny pack next !

So convenient!

Bags are so easy to snap onto a leash, bag or even your dogs harness so they can carry their own waste! Nice to be able to stash full poop bags away on a long walk or hike and not have to worry about dropping it or bags opening in your backpack.