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We first purchased the Yucky Puppy Poop bag holders when we first got our pup 3 years ago. It was finally time to update and we are so happy that we did. I love the new design. There is NO SMELL if the bag is zipped up. We attach the holder to the leash and we are do not have to worry about carrying gross bags and smelling them on our walk. WE LOVE OUR YUCKY POOP BAG HOLDERS. I have shared them with friends and everyone loves them! I highly recommend.


Ordered the dog walking fanny pack and two black poop bag holders. Absolutely perfect. The pack fits well and has plenty of room for everything, extra bags, phone wallet. We live in southern Arizona so like to be able to carry tweezers, comb, tick remover and Benadryl. Plenty of room for all plus more. Love the pocket of the phone so you don't have to pull it out all the time. I added a carabiner to the waist strap and I can use it hands free. The poop bag holders are great, easily washed and hide the yucky contents. Shipping was fast and beautifully wrapped. We will be repeat customers for sure. Don't hesitate to do business with Yucky Puppy, they rock!

Excellent store with quality products

Yucky Puppy is a store that consistently delivers quality products quickly. I've purchased from them a few times, as I give their bags out as client gifts, and look forward to buying from them again in the future.

Love these

We’re repeat customers and always very happy 😃

It's the Cat's House We Just Pay the Mortgage Metal Sign

I haven’t really had to use it yet, but it looks like it’ll be very in sufficient for my purposes. Looks well-made.

These bags changed my life!

Neighbors gave us a Yucky Puppy bag as a gift for our new puppy. Three years later and we can not live out one. We always have poop bags in one section and the used bag in the other. No carrying smelly bags for us!

I love these new bags

I walk multiple dogs so I needed something that will hold up to hiking in ruff terrane . These bags are prefect . Love the extra pocket for keys and other things one needs. One of the biggest complaint on our city pages is people bagging their dogs poop but then leaving it lay. I 'm not much for promoting a product but this one I did. I'm hoping people get their yucky puppy bags. What a great product.

Love this product!

The best thing you didn’t know you needed. I’m a Rover walker and one of my clients had this bag on their dogs leash and I immediately thought “that’s genius!” And bought my own. Loving them! Every dog owner should have one

Game changer

I walk my dogs 2 miles a day. We use the walk for exercise as I have an area at home for them to go to the bathroom. However we rescued a puppy so constantly using the bathroom on our walk. I didn't mind, of course but carrying the poop bag for 30 minutes or more with a new dog still learning leash manners was awful. I'm walking my two dogs and my neighbor's dog. I researched several poop carriers but found this one to be ideal, especially because I can wash it in the washer. It's great. Poop goes in the bag. I zip it up and it's attached to my walking belt. No smells no worries until I get home and dispose of contents. I will definitely purchase more. Thank you.

Works great!

Very happy with my purchase. I have three small dogs and trying to watch them and get a poop bag out and open is a pain. Now I just get one ready before I leave the house and put it in the bag and it ready to go in an instant. Afterwards, I can put the used bag in the poop bag holder and not have to see it or smell it till I get home.

Love the bags

Love this product. Had them before and was sad when the hanger fell off. Had to by replacements. Great customer service when I forgot to use the discount code at purchase.

Does a great job!

I ordered the cross body walking bag to replace an old bag that finally fell apart. I decided to try something new. What a great choice. Will definitely be getting another one!

It certainly conceals but I can still smell the odor

Love Yucky Puppy!

I love my Yucky Puppy poop bags, and the matching shopping bag! Highly recommend for convenience and discretion :)

Starfish poop bag

Very cute and prompt delivery this time

Great Family Store

Love love love the crossbody walking bag. I do a lot of training at various places, and do out and about also - talk about a one stop bag to carry everything...certainly has lightened my load! I would highly recommend to anyone who walks and trains their pups.

Perfect crossbody

The crossbody bag is perfect for outings with my dog. I especially love the clear window for screening calls and texts.

Love This Bag

I love having a place for my phone, wallet and tissues. I limited myself to caprices with lots of pockets for these items, but now I have a place for each in a secured manner.

We love Yucky Puppy!

We RV and hike a lot with our two doodles. Many times, when nature calls, trash receptacles aren’t close by. Yucky Puppy bags allow us to discreetly carry and dispose of waste bags so we leave no trace. The 2 pocket bags are wonderful! Yucky Puppy bags are high quality and are made from cute fabrics. We highly recommend them!


This folding travel mat/tote is absolutely perfect - whether you're headed to training class and need a 'place' for your dog to settle - or just out and about. Its super simple to fold and throw over you shoulder. Love the added pocket. I do a lot of training and this Mat/Tote goes everywhere with me...even when we have out and about lessons. Super happy with my purchase!

Mystery YUCKY PUPPY Bundle -- Set of Four
Cindy W
Mystery bundle

I received four different designs. They are well made and will certainly fulfill the pooh carrying job!

Happy puppy and owner

The bag has lots of compartments for storage with easy access. A must for all dog walkers.

Denim Dog Travel Mat

I generally do not write product reviews or fill out customer satisfaction surveys. But, we just received our new denim dog travel mat, and it is a great product! It’s very attractive, plush on one side, denim on the other; and it folds up into a convenient over the shoulder carry bag. My dog will have a comfy place to hang out, whether on concrete or grass. We previously ordered several poop bag carriers from Yucky Puppy, and they’re really terrific as well! Thanks Paris!