Paris Permenter

Yes, picking up after dogs can be yucky...

...but that's what being a best friend is all about!

Dog walking--whether it's a walk around our neighborhood or a day trip to a favorite park--is the best part of our day. I designed our YUCKY PUPPY® poop bag carriers after someone commented, "Oh, that's yucky" as I scooped the poop on a walk.

Well, it is...but our gear is designed to help manage the mess and let you put your attention on the joy of walking with your best friend!

Nice to meet you!

I'm Paris Permenter, the founder of YUCKY PUPPY--and proud pet parent with my husband John to five rescue pets: dogs Barli and Isla, and cats Inca, Lucky and Jetty.

our pets

I love dog walking as well as traveling with our dogs. John and I came to the pet world after a career as travel guidebook writers, authoring 35 books on travel and pets.

Designed for city + country walks

We live in the country on the outskirts of Austin, Texas, one of the country's most dog-friendly cities.

All of our gear is tested on our country hikes and city strolls so you can be confident that it's ready to tackle any walk you and your dog would like to enjoy.

Giving Back

Because we know there are so many great rescue dogs like ours waiting in shelters for dog walks with their own forever families, every YUCKY PUPPY purchase helps sponsor the care of a shelter dog!

We like to put a face to our donations--so we always sponsor a specific dog. Our efforts aren't a vague percentage of proceeds--but the sponsorship of six months of care for a specific dog like shy Blue or 9-year-old Magnolia as they wait for their forever homes.

Each order ships with a card featuring the photo of a shelter dog whose care has been sponsored by YUCKY PUPPY purchases!

Let's Help the Environment

Our products are designed at--and shipped from--our home office which is surrounded by thousands of acres of nature preserve. In fact, some of our property is part of the preserve; our dog walking trails are shared by coyotes, deer, wild turkey and the occasional bobcat and porcupine.

We're intent on minimizing our impact on the environment--starting with always picking up after our dogs.

We fund carbon neutral shipping for our store through Shopify's Offset program which invests in forest protection initiatives.