Winners' Page

Recent Winners

The most recent giveaway winners are listed below; we are only publishing the first portion of their email addresses, redacting one character per address.

  • $50 PawZaar Gift Card: d**lchert@
  • PawZaar Dog Walking Bag: hamsu*@
  • FUREVER YOURS Bracelet Set: ddbar*@
  • PawZaar's 12 Days of Deals giveaways:
    • Day 12 winner: cheryl*@
    • Day 11 Winner: TracyTG1**2@
    • Day 10 Winner:  amyg*ace@
    • Day 9 winner: rover1*39@
    • Day 8 Winner: bearde**0@
    • Day 7 winner: pchee*@
    • Day 6 winner:jessie**ook@
    • Day 5 winner: treeno*@
    • Day 4 winner: diamond*v@
    • Day 3 winner: musi**ady@
    • Day 2 winner: totty@
    • Day 1 winner: craftaddic**@
  • FUREVER YOURS bracelet set: charlotte.**wling@
  • Black Cat Bundle: anntaylor**14@
  • PawZaar aromatherapy car vent diffuser: Dai*es@
  • Dog Treat baking set: Debdvs5**49@
  • Purse locket: dvd**draz@
  • PawZaar CALL OF THE WALK dog walking bag: charleine**7@
  • Yucky Puppy wet bag for dogs + Earth Rated poop bags: avonsherry20**@
  • Summer Surprise Pack: ss*anti@
  • PawZaar Cat Lover's Pillow Cover: laura**ubens@
  • PawZaar Paws on My Heart Stretch Bracelet: sample**authier@
  • Stack of PawZaar Stretch Bracelets: miriam**9@
  • Aromatherapy Car Vent Diffuser: purple_kim**7@
  • RESCUE lapel pin: ze**hezookeeper@
  • Paw Print Awareness Pin: charlotte.**wling@
  • Surprise Dog Lover's Package: joz**ails@
  • Surprise Cat Lover's Package: tndcrtz1*3@
  • PawZaar Birthstone Bracelet: stephy9*5@
  • Crystal Cat Earrings: bonita7**8@
  • 3 PawZaar dog bandanas: marcusmayle**7@
  • Animal Abuse Cause Ribbons: a**h_butyouhaveheardofme@
  • Cat Lovers' Metal Signs: goob**1@
  • Heart Birthstone Necklace: mccauley*@
  • Football dog toy: purple_kimy**@
  • $50 PawZaar gift card: appleto**elli@
  • Spring dog bandana: wenbud**@
  • Innovet hemp products: ashley***well@
  • Resolution bracelet set: susanlynn**1@
  • PawZaar Bracelet Stack: slg*71@
  • PawZaar Paw Stretch Bracelet Stack: mo*okamo@
  • PawZaar Christmas Cat Pin: stephan**ssie@
  • PawZaar Christmas Dog Pin: slt**7@
  • PawZaar Black Cat Bundle: bac*@
  • PawZaar RESCUE Tote bag: george*arine@
  • $50 PawZaar gift card: s*gilbert@
  • $100 PawZaar gift card: avonsherry200*@
  • PawZaar Wild West dog toy: cowlady*eland@
  • PawZaar Psychedelic Cat Mirror: s*hanti@

Giveaway Rules

Each giveaway has its own rules, depending on the giveaway sponsor. Some sponsors elect to make their giveaway US-only. Some, such as those giveaways involving food, treats, or pharmaceutical products, have to make their giveaways US-only due to strict customs regulations. Many giveaways are open to residents of Canada, with the exception of Quebec. Unfortunately, Quebec’s laws preclude giveaways of this type.

Unless otherwise specified, all winners are selected by the widget using Winners are selected at random. No purchase is ever required to enter one of our giveaways.

All winners will be announced in the PawZaar newsletter. Winners have 72 hours after publication in the newsletter to contact us about their prize or a new winner will be drawn.

Your privacy is important to us, and we will not disclose your address or phone number, when required from our shipper, to anyone except those involved in shipping your prize. Your email will also not be shared or sold.

When events involve a Facebook entry by the entrant, please note that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with, Facebook. We use a third party app in these instances. The same is true of Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media channels you may see as entry methods.

All giveaways, contests, sweepstakes and other events that involve free products are void where prohibited by law. No prizes of any kind can be shipped to Quebec.

By sending your address to request shipment of your prize, you inherently agree to waive liability for any responsibility with regard to issues with the product. We urge you to read the full instructions both in packaging and online, and encourage you to direct questions before proceeding. Further, if concerns arise, please contact your veterinarian or trainer, as needed, for additional advice.