Which Pet Should PawZaar Sponsor Next?

We have some very happy news to share: Ryder, whose kennel at San Antonio's Animal Defense League was being sponsored by the PawZaar community, has found his forever home!

This cutie had come to the shelter with heartworms and undergone treatment, so we're extra excited that he has found a home! Here he is with his new family as they left the shelter!

Of course, that means it's time for our community to sponsor a new shelter cat or dog! Who will it be? We'd like YOUR help! Can you take a moment to vote in the survey at the end of this post?

Please note: all the animals at the shelter are safe; this is a no-kill shelter (and they have a GREAT adoption rate!)

Here are six pets...which would you like PawZaar to sponsor next?

Sabrina is a two-year-old sweetie with a fuzzy tail!

Zeus is a Chow mix who likes dogs, cats, and older children--but isn't so sure about leashes just yet.

12-year-old Calvin is at the shelter with his girlfriend, Carly, and hopes they find a home together.

Beanie is a happy two-year-old mixed breed dog with a gap in his smile!

Meowstard is an affectionate five-year-old beauty.

Stewart has a distinctive coat--he's missing fur in some areas and some places have only miniature hair follicles.

Which Pet Would You Like to Sponsor?

Which of these six shelter pets do you think PawZaar should sponsor next? We'll tally the votes and announce the new sponsorship Wednesday!


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July 02, 2019

I agree on Calvin and Carly. Their worlds have been disrupted enough already.
Keep them together!

Judy Walker
Judy Walker

July 01, 2019

I hope Calvin goes home with Carly. Older cats that have bff’s should never be pulled apart.

I see sad older kitties so many times, the younger ones usually bounce back quicker.

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