15 Tips for National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

15 Tips for National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

January 14 is a day that pets will either love or hate: it's National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

History of National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Established in 2009 by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviorist Colleen Paige, National Dress Up Your Pet Day is celebrated each January 14th.

Tips for Dressing Your Dog

  1. Follow your dog's lead: if your dog is unhappy in clothing, don't make him wear clothes. Some dogs, like our Tiki, just don't like wearing clothing (even in cold weather) while others, like our Barli, enjoy sweaters and coats.
  2. Your dog's outfit should not be too restrictive or tight; he needs to be able to go about his daily routine comfortably.
  3. Inspect the costume for loose or small parts that they could chew or swallow.
  4. Don't leave your dog unattended in clothing.
  5. Make sure your dog isn't getting overheated in his clothing.

5 Ways to Dress Your Dog without Dog Clothes

    Dog bandanas. Bandanas are a great way to add flair to your dog's ensemble without wearing clothing. For most dogs, wearing a bandana is like wearing a dog collar.

    A dog harness. Colorful dog harnesses are functional--and add color (and sometimes pattern. For Valentine's photos, I put a red harness on Barli:
    Collars. Go beyond just function into fashion with colorful prints and patterns. I have one of our dogs wear our Texas dog collar when we're taking a Texas day trip so that they're Instagram-ready!
    Collar flowers. Crocheted or sewn collar flowers attach to your dog's collar much like a bow tie and add a sweet touch without clothing.
    Bow ties. Bow ties--with a loop your dog's collar simply slides though--add a stylish update to your dog's collar. Our Batik Bow Tie, handmade by a fair trade cooperative, just slides over the collar.

    Tips for Dressing Your Cat

    OK, I'm going to admit that our cats don't care for clothing--but we have met cats who are happy to wear clothing (and by that we mean for longer than a quick snapshot!) Whether you are dressing your cat for a fast photo or for a special event, be sure to:

      Inspect all cat clothes and accessories for loose or small parts that your cat could chew or swallow. Yarn or long, loose threads are especially problematic; your cat's rough tongue can send the yarn into his digestive tract where it can be life-threatening.

      Consider a simple outfit. While some cats enjoy elaborate getups, many will only tolerate a collar and something like a bow tie.

      Be sure the outfit isn't restricting your cat's movement in any way.

      Never leave your cat unattended. It's too easy for your cat to jump and get hung up on his sweater or outfit.
      If your cat doesn't like the outfit, remove it immediately. Watch for signs of stress in your cat. Clothes are all about how they make us feel--and if they make your cat feel uncomfortable, then they should go.

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        January 15, 2019

        Think qualified today, it was pouring out so Sophie wore raincoat (fleece lined), service jacket, booties, in addition to her harness. She always wears her collar n tags.

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