How to Make a Lost Dog Kit

How to Make a Lost Dog Kit

Through the years, we've picked up over 20 lost dogs, most seen as we were driving home or out running errands. We keep a Lost Dog Kit in each of our cars, a bag filled with the items we've found most useful to lure a lost dog and keep him happy on the drive to the vet to be checked for a microchip. Our Lost Dog Kit includes:

  • a slip leash (although you can also use a traditional leash with a looped handle. To turn it into a slip leash, thread the leash through the looped handle to create a slip leash, holding the leash at the other end.) Lost dogs have often slipped their collars so a slip leash comes in handy.
  • a squeaker to get the dog's attention. I cut one out of an old dog toy.
  • a zippered bag with dry cat food. You can use dog food but I've found that the stronger scent of cat food is a great lure.
  • a can of wet cat food. Be sure to get food with a pull top!
  • a bottle of water (we pour it in the cat food tub when that's empty!)
  • a bully stick to keep the dog happy on the drive to the vet
  • your veterinarian's contact info so that you can give her a call on the drive to the clinic.

We keep all the items in our PawZaar Global DOG Bag, which is zippered and keeps all the products together so that we can grab them and head off as soon as we spot a loose dog.

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Janet Julien
Janet Julien

July 07, 2017

You forgot to add a bottle of water and either a collapsible bowl or tupperware bowl for the water. The heat in Texas can get brutal

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