Shelter of the Week: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

The Dalai Lama once stated that "Cultivating care and concern for others gives rise to a kind of inner strength. No matter what difficulties or problems you face, in this wider context they'll seem less significant and troubling to you." Rescuer Randy Grim is an example of the Buddhist monk's wise words. Anxiety has been a foe which has plagued Grim throughout his life, but focusing on creating a better future for dogs in desperate need the founder of Stray Rescue of St. Louis has also helped the rescuer as well.

A compassionate soul who has saved stray animals since childhood, the panic attacks that grip Grim are no match against his dogged determination to help homeless animals. Once welcoming street dogs into his own home, where they would receive TLC and a new lease on life with one of the rescuer's friends, Grim went on to establish Rescue of St. Louis in 1998. Today the non-profit annually rescues and rehomes approximately 3,000 dogs and cats. (NOTE: For more about Randy Grim's life in rescue, read The Man Who Talks to Dogs: The Story of Randy Grim and His Fight to Save America's Abandoned Dogs by Melinda Roth and Tony La Russa, Miracle Dog by Randy Grim and Don't Dump the Dog:  Outrageous Stories and Simple Solutions to Your Worst Dog Behavior Problems by Randy Grim and Melinda Roth.)   

Among Stray Rescue of St. Louis' fortunate Fidos and felines who are one step closer to finding their forever home are DogTipper's #PawPromise Adoptable Dog of the Week Chimney Rock, a one-year-old Shepherd mix:

…and Brigette Bardot, a 6 - 7-year-old Flamepoint Siamese who is currently living with a foster family:

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