Helping Nepal's Animals After the Earthquakes

Just this week, Ricky Gervais posted this beautiful photo on his Facebook page:

This Nepalese festival honored the beautiful relationship between humans and dogs, a relationship that so many of us take for granted and yet so few of us think to celebrate in the form of a festival. But the people of Nepal, in spite of the devastation that it has endured this year in the form of multiple earthquakes, took the time to honor these beautiful animals.

We are so happy that, thanks to your purchases and social sharing of PawZaar, we were able to donate 10 percent of our May proceeds to World Vets for their international fund to help the animal population of Nepal. Not only does their important work help the animals but, in turn, it helps the human population. The veterinarians work to help injured and sick pets as well as the livestock on whose existence many families depend. The good health of that animal population goes hand in hand with the health of the human population.

Thank you all for your support!


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