The Dogist Raises Funds to Help Dogs in Puerto Rico

The Dogist Raises Funds to Help Dogs in Puerto Rico

An Internet sensation with 3.2 million doggedly devoted Instagram followers, since 2013 The Dogist has captured with cameras the divine in every canine. Knowing that every picture tells a story, throughout the month of June Team Dogist was on a fund-raising, Rover-centric road trip throughout the United States, snapping shots of many shelter dogs in 12 cities along the way in the hope that each dog's story ends with "…and they lived happily ever after."

Although the month-long "Rescue Ride" has come to an end, animal lovers can still help potential pet parents picture a shelter dog in their lives by sharing the photos of the adoptable Fidos from shelters in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Asheville, North Carolina; Aspen, Colorado; Austin, Texas; Charleston, South Carolina; Denver, Colorado; Flagstaff, Arizona; Kanab, Utah and Savannah,Georgia. The photos can be seen on The Dogist's Instagram and Facebook pages.

Doski, Hyatt, and Chaco, adoptables at Austin Animal Center in Austin, Texas, struck a pose for The Dogist:

Raising Funds for a Paws Cause

The trip has also helped to raise both awareness and funds for our tail-wagging chums in Puerto Rico who have been saved by The Sato Project. Partnering with the organization, which rescues and rehabilitates the island's abused and abandoned dogs, The Dogist has already surpassed its initial $50,000 GoFundMe goal, with donations going toward helping Puerto Rico's 500,000 stray dogs-- a crisis made even more dire after Hurricane Maria's destruction. (NOTE: While the GoFundMe goal has been reached, donations are still being taken!)

The founder and president of The Sato Project, Chrissy Beckles, explains the reason why there is such a need for donations made to The Dogist's GoFundMe page:

"We have been rescuing around the clock. Just to give you a metric, in a 'normal' year we would average 370 dogs--rescued, rehabilitated, completely vetted, transported, and placed in a home. Since September, we have rescued and transported over 1,500 dogs, including reuniting 200 dogs with their owners who had to leave the island in the wake of the disaster. We are regularly transporting 100+ dogs per month. "

The Sato Project's most recent "freedom flight" took place on June 23rd.

Mireya and her pups

This is Mireya, an emaciated new mother found along a road in Puerto Rico. Both she and her puppies have received care from The Sato Project. Her babies were among the dogs who boarded the "freedom flight" on June 23rd. Mireya is currently receiving medical treatment due to multiple health issues, but -- paws crossed-- she will be aboard a "freedom flight" in July.

Photo Credit: The Dogist/Instagram

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